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Best iPhone 5 Skin

Marco Polo                                   
American computer giant Apple claimed on Monday that Samsung Electronics' latest wholesale tablet PC computer infringes on patents relating to iPhone 5 Adapters.

Lawyers for Apple addressed the Federal Court after the firm launched legal action against the South Korean company last month, accusing it of intellectual property infringements with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.
Apple is seeking a permanent ban on the sale or promotion of the latest Galaxy in Australia, where it would compete with its popular iPhone 5 Cases.

Samsung disputes the claims but has agreed to delay the product's Australian launch pending a decision by the court.
Earlier this month, Samsung launched a counter-claim alleging Apple's iPhone and iPhone 5 wholesale tablet PC violate wireless-technology patents held by iPhone 5 Leather Case.

Apple attorney Steven Burley told the court Samsung's product was similar in "form, factor and shape" to Apple's iPhone 5, although the case centres on at least three patents that relate to touch screen technology.
"It must have been as plain as the (Sydney) Opera House to TPU iPhone 5 Cases that the Apple patents were right in front of its eyes, and they were wide open," Burley said.

"They ought to clear the way in advance rather than try to crash through."
A ruling is expected this week.
The companies are already embroiled in a patent dispute over smartphones and wholesale tablet PC computers in the United States, with both sides filing infringement claims against the other.